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Welcome to my website. My middle name is Michael so I like to be called Mike when working. I run the Redwarg  Art and Photography studios. I am an award winning Professional Bespoke Artist and Photographer based in Essex. Mostly I work by commission, to provide artwork for individuals, companies, restaurants and people who want to beautify spaces with specifically created art works, including churches, cathedrals, and people's homes. In addition to these, I have created artwork for book covers, magazines, comics, professional websites and many other media sources, including having a photograph I took of a Royal Navy ship used as the photograph to adorn a Christmas card sent to Queen Elizabeth II. I was serving in the Royal Navy at that particular time.
I have photographed and painted animals and landscapes in the wild, on safari in Africa, in Antarctica, the Far East, and other locations. I have also photographed and painted people in the same settings. At times, I also work in professional studios or on location in the UK to create the photographs and work I desire for my personal collection or that of a client. My artwork is not mass produced, much of it is Limited Edition or created for a client who desires a unique work of art that they alone possess. For this reason, I spend initial time in consultation with a client to determine exactly what they want, the style and content of their choice, how many pieces of work they require, and then I create the work based upon the specific customer requirements. I also have my own personal collection, which I exhibit from time to time. I am, at the end of the day, an artist and photographer who loves what I do, and if I am not working on a commissioned piece for a client, I still paint and photograph just for the love and passion of creating artwork that I find pleasing, as I no longer have to do this for the money . When others also love what is created, I find great satisfaction from that. Unless stated otherwise, the Art and Photography on this website are not for sale as they were either Limited Editions, part of my own personal collection, created for a specific client's needs, or to display in the gallery as examples of my work - therefore the art and photography in the gallery section is mostly for display purposes only. Only the animal and wildlife selections are available at this time for sale and you will need to contact me for prices if you are interested in any of these.
I do exhibit my parts of my personal collection from time to time, and when I do, all work in the exhibit is then available for purchase.



Contact me with the form below if you are interested in commissioning Bespoke Art or Photography or working as a model on a theme.

I work with both amateur and professional models, sometimes to create bespoke art for a client, at other times, just for the sheer enjoyment of creating an incredible piece of artwork.